Monday, September 24, 2012

Hey, Hi, and Hello Again.  Had a great weekend, full for us.  Lot of birthdays and family time.  We were supposed to have all of Keith's family over Saturday for lunch for his mom and dad's birthdays.  But unfortunately his father's side all came down with the flu.  Fortunately they decided not to share it with us.  So it was just his mom and brother and a lot of food! 
I cooked an Angus beef roast (yeah me!) and creamy mashed potatoes, green beans, corn and warm gingerbread cake with whipped cream for dessert. 
You know how with some people no matter how hard you try you can never put a decent meal together, something always goes wrong?  Well, with Keith's family I am pretty sure I could pull just about anything off, and the funny thing is it doesn't matter.  They would eat whatever I fix no matter what and think it was great.  Either that or they are great pretenders.  Whatever -  I appreciate it!   
Then on Sunday after an amazing church service (more on that later this week...) We got to spend the day and have lunch with my family for my SIL and niece's birthdays.  We had the legendary mountain-o-red-meat steaks, baked potatoes (sweet & white), a yummy green salad, fresh rolls and birthday cakes.  Then my brother showed me what exercises I needed to do this week to keep all of that from settling in unwanted places! 
We honestly tried to do them this morning (at least one hour after waking and being out of bed so as not to damage our backs).  But the kids and I all had differing opinions about the exact technique of said exercises.  So Josh, we may need a review before the exam.
I am now going outside to play with my children, school is over for the day, the breeze is blowing and we are going to enjoy this gorgeous fall afternoon!
(And yes, basically all we did ALL weekend was eat.  Gotta love it!)


  1. Joshua will be happy to hear that you all are at least trying his techniques - not sure I should tell him though!

  2. Can't complain about a weekend filled with good food and good company! By the way, I promise to love anything you ever cook for me.

  3. You could mail me some of that beef roast and I wouldn't complain one bit! It sounds yummy!