Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fancy Farm Art

     I have been looking at art to put on our walls.  I am art phobic.  I just really like walls without a lot of stuff on them.    
     I see art I like and I enjoy looking at it, just not everyday.  But I realize OTHER people (including my family) enjoy having interesting things to look at on the walls.  And I am starting to understand how art can really pull a room together.  (Of course so can new furniture, rugs and accessories but never mind that for now - I am fantisizing, isn't that what blogs are for?)    
     So in looking on EBay I came across Anna Swift. It's farm art for the most part. (ha) 

She obviously totally gets cows, I love the smirk on her face.  I know it would hurt Keith's feelings if I put a dairy cow on the mantle.  But I love this!!!

Seriously, wouldn't this be adorable above our bed?

Her attention to detail is beautiful. 
I asked and she said she would take requests, so I'm thinking an angus painting for the mantel with a cute Nubian or three for another room.  Maybe a chicken or two?  Okay that would probably be a bit much maybe a horse instead.  Don't you just love these??!!!
Over and out!



  1. I do! That cow looks like she know what you just did and she doesn't approve.

  2. I really like these actually. You know I love things on my walls even if they aren't finished! I think three Nubians would be adorable.