Friday, September 14, 2012

Fun Friday!

     So just a quick recap to keep everyone up to date.  Today we played Pin Guard in PE.  THANKFULLY it was raining outside and so we could play a non-running game.  The kids think it is hysterically fun to play tag with me.  Anything to get them (me) moving, right?  For all you non-homeschoolers out there - one person guards the "pin" (or oatmeal can) and the other players try to knock it down with a ball.  Fun, huh?

     What doesn't everybody have a coffee table on their couch, and an ironing board in their living room?  Just keepin' it real folks.

     Then later this afternoon Colton had his first guitar lesson.  He is really excited and his teacher seems great.  She definitely gets boys.  And she has a cocker spaniel.  Two thumbs up!  She had an electric guitar for sale from a previous student that fit Colton so we went ahead and bought it.  Definitely upped the cool factor for him. 


    And now it is off to make some pizza and angel food cake!  It's Friday movie & pizza night, unfortunately Keith is at the game.  Go Big Blue!  So we'll have to have a special celebration breakfast.

    Hope you all have a wonderfully restful weekend!



  1. That sounds like a fun day! When Colton gets good I'll take lessons from him!

  2. I always wanted to play guitar. I should take lessons too!