Monday, January 9, 2012

Turning a tunnel into an Entryway

Okay, so I haven't been posting but I have been busy (sorta) I am getting frustrated trying to make our home look presentable, and I don't have any money to waste. So I rediscovered and took a few pictures and posted our entryway. I got back these inspiration photos, which I adore. I am now in the process of trying to put together a fun entryway with a shoestring budget. But it was soooooo fun and encouraging to get such great advice and inspiration.

Really like the floor, and the light from the door but it'll have to be one heckuva CL find!

Love the gallery pictures, and I L.O.V.E. the light fixture, don't know how long a shelf like that would last around here.

This bench so fits our family and this farmhouse. Got the slab believe it or not, working on the legs. The slab came from some really great guys here in Conway, very professional and they do amazing work with reclaimed wood. If you're looking for well built contemporary furniture look them up I may finally get to meet the DEN OF METAL ARTS people?

I love pintrest and my blogs but I am ready to MOVE FORWARD! Hope you are having a good day! Mark 1


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hitting the books...

Well, we are back at it! Had a great school day today, I'm sure it helped that the sun is shining. We are doing 1st grade Abeka with Conner which we are all less than enthusiastic about, but I did it with Colton and I have the curriculum so...

We are doing Sonlight with Colton (3rd grade) and it is MARVELOUS, so much fun, so interesting. It has eliminated a lot of battles and I am reasonably confident he is keeping up academically and probably learning a lot more than average in some areas.

Sis is thoroughly enjoying her new shoes from Aunt A. she loves that she can put them on all by her self and so do I!

We ALL got to play outside and it was wonderfully beautiful. Being outside always puts me in a better mood. Of course the boys found some charcoal outside and decided to paint their faces with "war paint" which we are still trying to get off. Hope you are having great day too!

1 John 4 - yes again- He loves us because He chooses to! So let us love each other.

Monday, January 2, 2012

So many changes!

Well, 2011 certaonly brought a lot of changes for our family. We moved from here

To here

I didn't fully appreciate how different things could be and I guess I kinda expected life to be pretty much the same no matter where we lived.

Which meant that routines, rooms, shopping, relationships/friendships, schedules, church, and school all changed!

It has been a TOUGH year but I feel like we have all learned a lot.

We have learned:
1. To depend on God even more. He IS faithful.
2. To stick together as a family.
3. Starting a garden from scratch is almost impossible. (wait I already knew that one!)
4. It is nice to live on the backside of nowhere because it is quiet, and beautiful, and private.
5. There truly are places still outside the reaches of modern technology.

I am truly looking forward to what we will all learn this upcoming year.

I am looking forward to learning to eat more fruits and vegetables, having a bigger better garden, doing some serious decorating, growing our church, growing our relationships and most of all...
I am looking forward to being conformed to His image, but it is huge to know that He loves me right now, today simply because He chooses to.
John 4 - The woman at the well.

Thanks for reading, have a great day. And remember He loves you, just because he chooses to!