Monday, June 25, 2012

It's Monday!

And we hit the floor running.  After a restful (?) Sunday we were able to get Keith and Colton out the door and off to summer school at 6:30 with some bacon and egg biscuits.  I decided it would be a good idea to do my outside work first while it was still reasonably cool.  So Conner, Sis and I headed for the berry patches.  Of course I had to follow Conner's directions for finding them...and after walking around the fields alternately dragging the wagon and carrying Sis on my back for about an hour this is what we got...looks pretty pitiful compared to the bucket of berries Keith and the boys got but they took the truck. 

After that Conner & Sis played in the turtle pool with the hose while I did a little weeding.  I have more kohlarabi!  And peas! And lettuce! And basil!  I was hoping the basil wouldn't come back from the trim I gave it until later this week but it looks like it will be ready in the next day or two.  Uuuuuggghhhh.  But I'm grateful, really.  Or if not, I will be later.  Much, much later. 

These are the pretty parts of my garden that I have weeded.

So now I'm crashed out on the couch eating (what else but) a salad and I don't know if I can get back up before Keith comes home!

Friday, June 22, 2012


     Okay, so it has been a busy week and I haven't gotten to post so now I have to make up for lost time!  The last time I left you I was on my way to make pesto, and PESTO I have made!!  I have made over 10 pints so far and frozen most of it.

       My Kohlarabi has also grown big enough to pick, and so we all had our first taste yesterday.  The big K said that he heard it was poisonous so he wasn't going to taste it.  There was only 1 pin on pintrest about how to prepare and all the google recipes seemed questionable so I just ate it raw.  Delish!  Better than croutons on a salad I say, and I will definitely be growing more!  Sweet, crunchy and earthy tasting with no heat.  We have been eating snap peas and lettuce and we've grown one lonely jalapeno?  Definitely not enough to feed a family but I'm getting better!
     I am hoping next week to try and put some pesto up in some cute jars for gifts.  Something like this...

     And now since I have worked so hard this week, it's off to have some fun!  Hope you have a great weekend! 
     Just a side note:  in case you were wondering the little miss has been keeping herself busy while I have been hard at work...

Nope, that's not lipstick. It's...wait for pink ink from a stamp pad. 
In her own words "oh no, oh no, oh no".


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Once a Year?

Okay, so from looking at my past performance, if I make one blog a year I will be doing better than I have!  No pressure!  Really enjoyed going to church this morning (it is a miracle we made it) and it is so nice to FINALLY stop for a second.  Seems like we have just been running.  Keith and the kids playing with legos.  Of course Colton is moping on the floor in here with me because he can't "win".  Didn't know legos was a competition?  Only with my son...

Tomorrow I will hopefully be making pesto again, I'm going to go early and get groceries.  Anyone know if it is better to cut the basil in the morning or afternoon?