Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Taking the next step...

On one of the blogs I like to read Emily Henderson is part of a contest with Leggett & Platt.  From what I understand you are supposed to create a pin board on Pintrest of your dream bedroom including one of their beds.

While an adjustable bed would be great I'm sure, it's the objective of the contest that has me interested. 

Now, I have thoroughly enjoyed pinning a variety of subjects but especially home design.  And I have tried to seriously study design blogs and magazines, and even done a few sketches of rooms.  But I have never done an actual idea board.  As in specifically picking out pieces of furniture and colors and accessories.  So I thought why not!! 

How about you?  What do you spend your time dreaming about?  Would a prize motivate you to spend more time trying to achieve that dream?

Off to start pinning!!


Monday, September 24, 2012

Hey, Hi, and Hello Again.  Had a great weekend, full for us.  Lot of birthdays and family time.  We were supposed to have all of Keith's family over Saturday for lunch for his mom and dad's birthdays.  But unfortunately his father's side all came down with the flu.  Fortunately they decided not to share it with us.  So it was just his mom and brother and a lot of food! 
I cooked an Angus beef roast (yeah me!) and creamy mashed potatoes, green beans, corn and warm gingerbread cake with whipped cream for dessert. 
You know how with some people no matter how hard you try you can never put a decent meal together, something always goes wrong?  Well, with Keith's family I am pretty sure I could pull just about anything off, and the funny thing is it doesn't matter.  They would eat whatever I fix no matter what and think it was great.  Either that or they are great pretenders.  Whatever -  I appreciate it!   
Then on Sunday after an amazing church service (more on that later this week...) We got to spend the day and have lunch with my family for my SIL and niece's birthdays.  We had the legendary mountain-o-red-meat steaks, baked potatoes (sweet & white), a yummy green salad, fresh rolls and birthday cakes.  Then my brother showed me what exercises I needed to do this week to keep all of that from settling in unwanted places! 
We honestly tried to do them this morning (at least one hour after waking and being out of bed so as not to damage our backs).  But the kids and I all had differing opinions about the exact technique of said exercises.  So Josh, we may need a review before the exam.
I am now going outside to play with my children, school is over for the day, the breeze is blowing and we are going to enjoy this gorgeous fall afternoon!
(And yes, basically all we did ALL weekend was eat.  Gotta love it!)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fancy Farm Art

     I have been looking at art to put on our walls.  I am art phobic.  I just really like walls without a lot of stuff on them.    
     I see art I like and I enjoy looking at it, just not everyday.  But I realize OTHER people (including my family) enjoy having interesting things to look at on the walls.  And I am starting to understand how art can really pull a room together.  (Of course so can new furniture, rugs and accessories but never mind that for now - I am fantisizing, isn't that what blogs are for?)    
     So in looking on EBay I came across Anna Swift. It's farm art for the most part. (ha) 

She obviously totally gets cows, I love the smirk on her face.  I know it would hurt Keith's feelings if I put a dairy cow on the mantle.  But I love this!!!

Seriously, wouldn't this be adorable above our bed?

Her attention to detail is beautiful. 
I asked and she said she would take requests, so I'm thinking an angus painting for the mantel with a cute Nubian or three for another room.  Maybe a chicken or two?  Okay that would probably be a bit much maybe a horse instead.  Don't you just love these??!!!
Over and out!


Friday, September 14, 2012

Fun Friday!

     So just a quick recap to keep everyone up to date.  Today we played Pin Guard in PE.  THANKFULLY it was raining outside and so we could play a non-running game.  The kids think it is hysterically fun to play tag with me.  Anything to get them (me) moving, right?  For all you non-homeschoolers out there - one person guards the "pin" (or oatmeal can) and the other players try to knock it down with a ball.  Fun, huh?

     What doesn't everybody have a coffee table on their couch, and an ironing board in their living room?  Just keepin' it real folks.

     Then later this afternoon Colton had his first guitar lesson.  He is really excited and his teacher seems great.  She definitely gets boys.  And she has a cocker spaniel.  Two thumbs up!  She had an electric guitar for sale from a previous student that fit Colton so we went ahead and bought it.  Definitely upped the cool factor for him. 


    And now it is off to make some pizza and angel food cake!  It's Friday movie & pizza night, unfortunately Keith is at the game.  Go Big Blue!  So we'll have to have a special celebration breakfast.

    Hope you all have a wonderfully restful weekend!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Long time no see!

     Okay, so I've been doing horrible at blogging so far.  I feel bad for anyone following my blog, but maybe this is just me.  Heck maybe I should start posting my grocery lists, I might be able to find them when I need them that way!  But anyhoo, I got to go to the consignment sale in Springfield at the Fairgrounds this morning.  Of course, all of the stars had to align immediately and stay that way for me to be able to go...but lo and behold they did!!  
     I did end up taking sis because Keith thought we should have a "girl's day out" which is code for he didn't want to stay home with someone who is smaller than him that can tell him what to do.  Tana (my friend/neighbor/cousin) asked me to go with her, and we had a great time.  She is a shopping ninja but I already knew that because we get her hand-me-downs!
     When you walk in the e-plex it is like a HUGE garage sale, but very well organized.  Lots of moms hunting and dads carrying bags or babies. 
     We made a bathroom pitstop first thing, and when we walk in the bathroom there is lady changing a little boy's diaper on the change table and he is SCREAMING.  While I was waiting for Tana the lady turned to me and said very sweetly..."Do you have a cell phone I can use mine won't work in here?"  I say sure and she takes the phone and dials.   As soon as the other person on the line picks up (her husband?) She SCREAMS "I CAN'T BELIEVE I LET YOU TALK ME INTO BRINGING HIM...HE JUST PEED ALL OVER ME AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING...COME GET HIM NOW!!!"  "AND BRING ME A CLEAN SHIRT I AM NOT GOING TO STOP SHOPPING!!!"  Then she hands the phone back to me mumbling something about video games.  If this was you, I am not judging, I have been where you are (except for the video game part) and I feel your pain.  I think the moral of the story is that most boys do not make good shopping partners.  It took me a little bit to get my shopping mojo back after that but I managed. 
     All in all it was great to get out of the house and spend some time with friends!  Now, I'm off to balance my checkbook...