Thursday, April 8, 2010

Two things...

Conner (who was supposed to be asleep in bed) saunters into my bedroom tonight, where I was trying to nurse Cicely to sleep.

Props himself on the edge of my bed and says "Two things".

And here is the whispered conversation that follows:

Conner: Two things
Me: What?!
Conner: One (holds up a finger and points to his nose)
Me: What?!
Conner: I can't sleep in my bed.
Me: Why not?
Conner: My nose is stuffed up.
Me: Then take an extra pillow and get in bed!
Conner: Two.
Me: What?!
Conner: I need a stuffed animal.

I really don't know where he gets this stuff.


And we think Cicely may have actually laughed for the first time today.

Life surely can't get any sweeter than this.


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