Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's Friday! Oh wait...

It should be Friday, but I guess it is just Thursday. Daddy has off tomorrow so it's kind of like Friday.

Woke up this morning to Colton yelling because he finally lost his tooth, and poor Conner looking like he got punched in the eye.

Turns out (after a trip to the doctor) that Conner's eyes are just allergies. I was terrified he had pinkeye, but NO!

Cis rolled over all on her own today. She was in the crib which kind of slants downhill because of our floors, but I think it should still count.

I decided to pull out the silverware (actual silver-ware) and polish it with some silver polish, it was kind of fun. Not really, but it was fun imagining where it had been and what it had been used for. And it is fun to think about using it with our family some day soon.

We'll be wearing our working clothes tomorrow!

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  1. Gabe rolled over on Monday at Ashley's! She barely mentioned it in passing and I wsa like but that was the first time!!! I know that Cisily rolled over a long time ago, I'm just catching up!